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Read those and it becomes apparent that much of this is a playful inside Breitling watches

Le 18 juillet 2014, 02:28 dans Humeurs 0

For a country so known for conservatism, the Breitling timepiece is a rare public display of humor. Page 1 of the 2012 Breitling Group annual investor report is humorously decorated with satirical versions of each of the replica breitling bentley cantonal coat of arms (you can see the official Switzerland canton coat of arms list here on Wikipedia). These clever and actually funny satirical images have found themselves on a new limited edition Breitling timepiece called the new style.

Given the insular nature of Swiss humor, the Breitling is a limited edition (not sure how many pieces) piece exclusively for the Breitling market. Though thanks to the wonder that is the internet, you can probably find them outside of Switzerland as well. Swiss humor has never translated very well for me. They mostly share it among themselves, and us Americans who travel there like to comment on that element of their culture. Though I do find the clever and fun nature of the humor contained in these mock coat of arm shields. While the pictures may be the punchline, the replica A. Lange&Sohne is in the descriptions (seen below). For me it is actually a rare view into Breitling humor, and of course is heavily influenced by their agrarian history, love of travel, and tenacious poking fun of their own deeply held history and traditions.

If you want to consume the entire 200 page plus 2012 Breitling Group annual report then by all means check it out here. Or you can just see the first page which is enough to get a glimpse at this Breitling self-satire. None of the 26 cantons are spared, though the humor is more goofy than anything else. At the end of this post you can see more of the joke where joke descriptions of each of the mock coat of arms is offered for each of the Breitling cantons. Read those and it becomes apparent that much of this is a playful inside joke for replica u boat.

The watch itself is in the basic Breitling collection, coming in a black plastic case with silicon strap. The coat of arm images are placed on the watch strap. A fun collector's item for Breitling and Switzerland lovers. Price will be low and again, the Breitling watch will be a limited edition.

Helping my retail partners to explain our story and the product in Breitling watches

Le 18 juillet 2014, 02:27 dans Humeurs 0

In 2008 we started delivering Breitling at full margin and we could start to breathe again after two and a half years working like crazy, not knowing how the hell we were going to get out of it. Then, just when the light starts shining for the first replica breitling Aeromarine, in September 2008 Breitling went down –the beginning of a massive crisis – and suddenly all the retailers at the end of the year went ‘Well Max, we don’t want anything anymore’.

Of course in our life-cycle of products it takes 2-3 years to create a product so i had to finance everything at least one to two years in advance – the cases, the movements, the dials, everything was coming out! That year I traveled 240 days. I was helping my retail partners to explain our story and the product – so that they could sell the pieces – and try and make a bit of a business! Finally, we made it through 2009. The stories are multiple, the point is: if i had done this for replica tag heuer grand carrera, I would have already burnt out. But because it’s your life’s calling, you can bear with all of it.

In part two we will discover changes of vastly different kinds: how starting his own brand and creating his Breitling affected his life, how the public's attitude towards the work of Breitling changed and how that influences his creativity... plus we get a hint about a major change to come: about what will be released in Baselworld from the Breitling and his Friends!

I sincerely hope that this first segment has provided valuable insight into the past and present of one of the most interesting brands - and people - of present high-end watch making. Stay tuned for replica tag heuer carrera!

Breitling has started releasing information about their upcoming Baselworld 2013 collection. They will be debuting two watches each week leading up to the start of BaselWorld. This week kicks off with two new models within their very successful Breitling range of elegant but sporty automatic chronographs. The watch is arguably Breitling's most recognizable model, and rightfully so, as they have managed to design a watch that looks distinctive without being especially boisterous or ostentatious.